A Year of Living the Dream

It’s almost impossible to believe we’ve been living the dream in Nice for a year, or as my friend refers to it as “my sucky sucky life”. Here are some highlights:

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12 thoughts on “A Year of Living the Dream”

  1. Happy One Year in Nice Anniversary! Gorgeous images, amazing produce and flowers. Thanks for sharing them. I hope every year is as wonderful!

  2. Omg! A year went by so quickly.
    Congratulations on having the courage to make such a spectacular move and for making your French life a success. It’s wonderful to see your happiness reflected in your photos.
    Here’s wishing you and Frank many, many more happy years living the dream.

  3. Happy One Year Anniversay Anne- what a marvellous adventure to celebrate. Loved the photo montage- makes me want to hurry up and get back to Nice. See you in January

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