GIR: Getting it Right-This Time It’s a Mask

There are some companies that just make you happy to support them. GIR has always been that for me and I’ve written a lot about them.

Now, they need everyone to get the word out about a new project they’ve started. Reusable masks to help those fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.


They’re going to be shipping in 2 weeks (mid-April). Here’s the link so you can order some:


Since I know more about using their great kitchen products than I do about medical masks, I’ll let their website do the talking:

“We’re creating a reloadable silicone mask.

It’s a breathable face shield, made with the same platinum-grade, FDA and LFGB approved silicone we use to make all GIR products. Fitted with a PM2.5 filter (the same technology used in N95 masks), these masks can help fight the spread of COVID-19. We’re planning to package each mask with 10 filters to start, and offer bulk refills too.

The silicone mask can be sterilized in an autoclave, dishwasher, or oven. If you don’t have the time or equipment for proper sterilization, you can clean it with household cleaning products like Clorox or soap and hot water. The filters should be replaced as needed, but can be worn for a full day.

While our reloadable silicone masks shouldn’t replace N95 surgical or procedural masks, they are another much-needed option in the race to protect our communities from the spread of COVID-19.” And certainly better than my homemade efforts.

Order, donate, or help us help others”

While our reloadable silicone masks shouldn’t replace N95 surgical or procedural masks, they are an excellent option to help fight and protect yourself from the spread of COVID-19 when such masks are not required or are unavailable.

We’re doing as much as we can to donate out of pocket. If you know of an essential business that needs to protect its team and would like to sponsor a donation or purchase these in bulk, at cost, let us know.”

If you’d like to contact them about the masks, here’s the link: and the contact form is at the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to support them by buying some of their other great products, here’s that link: My personal fave is the red mini spatula, it’s a rare day when I haven’t used it at least once.

On a personal note, this is one time when I wish my blog had a bigger audience so more people could know about the good they’re doing, so please share!

Thank you to the GIR team for the renderings of the masks!