The Best Peelers Tested II

What is the best peeler?

That depends.

What are you peeling?

Almost a year ago, the Accidental Locavore took a pile of peelers out for a test.

Most failed.

Two survived.

Accidental Locavore Jospeh Joseph PeelerA new one showed up a couple of weeks ago. It’s from Joseph Joseph and came in my latest Mary’s Secret Ingredients Box. It’s round (weird) and has three blade choices.

The gauntlet was thrown.   It was time to see how the Joseph Joseph one did against the previous winners.

Facing a pile of peaches needing to be turned into jam (before they just turned), normally I’d cut an X in the bottom, toss them in some simmering water for 30 seconds and let the skins just zip off (works for tomatoes too).

Accidental Locavore Peaches for PeelersThe Best Peelers Tested

For some reason, I decided to manually peel the peaches. First up, the winner of the first round of best peelers, my Uberchef. With its serrated blades, it made easy work of the (very ripe) peaches. Cool.

Next: The peeler part of “the cheapie,” the multi-talented $4 Chinese peeler.  Nothing but mess.

Third up: The serrated blade of the Joseph Joseph. This was almost as good as the Uberchef at actually peeling the peaches. However, because of the shorter distance between the blades and the base, the peach peels kept getting stuck and needed to be cleaned out.

Accidental Locavore More PeelersMy verdict:

Three pounds of peaches went pretty quickly, which proves the point that good tools make anything easier!

After making skeptical remarks about the Joseph Joseph peeler, it actually performed pretty well. Two design flaws:  when I peeled with it, my thumb was always on the button that changes the blades and it would pop up. Depending on how you hold it, that might not be an issue (and it’s really easy to switch blades). As previously noted, the distance between the base and blades is a little short and peels do tend to get stuck. It’s fairly easy to clean and reputedly dishwasher safe, although I never put anything with a blade in my dishwasher.

The best peeler?

Still the Uberchef. It’s become my go-to peeler. The serrated blade peels everything and having the julienne blade attached is a handy thing especially with carrots and cucumbers.

What do you think is the best peeler?


2 thoughts on “The Best Peelers Tested II”

  1. I love the boxes! And the Joseph Joseph peeler is a good one, but I’m still partial to the Uberchef.

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