Duck Confit Shepherd’s Pie Recipe Revisited

Accidental Locavore KaleIf you’re thinking this looks familiar, the Accidental Locavore has been revisiting this shepherd’s pie recipe for a contest. Comfort food gets sophisticated in this grown-up shepherd’s pie with kale and potatoes from the Greenmarket. I tossed together mashed potatoes, duck confit and kale, then topped with cheese for a decadent dinner. This will feed 4 people.

[gmc_recipe 2451]

My verdict: Still a winner. The kale cuts some of the richness of the duck confit and adds a healthy green veg to make it a complete meal. If you don’t have a couple of duck legs confit lying around, a lot of gourmet markets carry them or you can order them from D’Artganan.


2 thoughts on “Duck Confit Shepherd’s Pie Recipe Revisited”

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  2. This recipe caught my eye straight away as I adore duck confit. I’m planning to make a hunters pie this weekend using venison mince but with a rosti topping (my eldest boy hates mashed potato but is pretty good with most things).

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