Blogging Boomers’ Carnival: It’s All About Enjoying Summer!

The Accidental Locavore is hosting this hot summer version of the Blogging Boomers’ Carnival. First up to ease you into the carnival:

Summer is the time to relax, count your blessings, and enjoy the moment. Here’s what the Midlife Crisis Queen has been enjoying lately. The Queen has also been writing about finding love at 50+ over at her HOW TO BELIEVE IN LOVE AGAIN BLOG! And, she hopes you are having a good summer!

Have you ever wondered what deals exist at dollar stores? On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about getting bargains at dollar stores in the article “Looking for Bargains? What to Buy and Not Buy at Dollar Stores.”  A survey by Consumer Reports’ ShopSmart magazine showed buying a dollar store’s private-label brand can save shoppers 29 percent on average over national store brands; a better deal than the 25 you can save from Walmart and the 15 percent from Target.

Polka Dots have a Spotty History (sorry).  Read more at Vaboomer (and check out the great tights!).

As do bankers. SoBabyBoomer says something is rotten in banking.  Run properly, big banks have just as much a right to exist—and thrive—as any other corporate entity. But it’s difficult to defend a banking industry that defrauds the market with fake interest rate figures, thereby stealing from other banks and customers.

For something a little less rotten (we hope!), Tom Sightings has found himself on his own this week, and so after spending a few days in the kitchen he’s offering “A Week of Easy-to-Prepare Recipes.”  You might be interested — you know, for the next time you’re cooking for one. Which one is your favorite?

The Accidental Locavore finishes up by offering a side dish to go with Tom’s recipes with4 ways to cook corn on the cob.  There’s even a added bonus if you need to impress neighbors or guests. Try them and let us know what your favorite way to cook corn is.




3 thoughts on “Blogging Boomers’ Carnival: It’s All About Enjoying Summer!”

  1. Great meeting you on Friday too! Hope you got some pizza or dumplings on the way home. I grilled steaks last night with corn and avocado squash…just what I needed!

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