The Accidental Locavore’s 12 Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Accidental Locavore Stokes WreathSome years the Accidental Locavore just yearns for certain things and Christmas would be easy if anyone was listening. This year, I’m focused on things you might want. Added bonus: they’re all made by small, local businesses.

  1. The amazing lemongrass caramel from 2 Chicks With Chocolate. For the straight-up version (delicious warmed on ice cream) you have to check out their new store. Otherwise, custom-make yourself a box of their superb chocolates. Use code: Anne11, you get a 20% discount and my favorite charity gets a donation. Sweet!Accidental Locavore OMG Browines
  2. Speaking of caramel, a box of the OMG brownies from Salt of the Earth bakery. Get them at various places around Manhattan. Click here for locations.
  3. A workout session with my trainer. He’s the reason I can make and eat all this great food and not be morbidly obese…check out his shiny new gym and make a date with Ray.
  4. The partridge in the pear tree is so last century. How about an apple tree? Here’s the best part, you don’t even have to take care of it! Farmer Billiam and his crew will nurture your tree all year, you just come up at the end of the summer and pick away! Gift an apple tree lease.
  5. If one of the things you mourn for this time of year is fresh herbs, Stokes Farm has an answer for that. Order one of their rosemary wreaths, decorate for the holidays and have masses of rosemary at your fingertips. Pick up at one of the Greenmarkets, or have it shipped
  6. Accidental Locavore Ivan's UtensilsFor someone truly special, custom-made kitchen utensils. Ivan Hentschel hand-makes amazing wooden implements, rolling pins and butcher blocks. Actually he’ll craft a whole dining room table and chairs for you (but probably not in time for this Christmas). Email him ( for details and see what your true love gives to you!

OK, enough about you…here are some more umm…personal…ideas:

  1. Molecular gastronomy kit. This is for my friend Zhu Zhu, who, it seems, wants the grown-up version of a chemistry set. The Locavore wants to watch!Accidental Locavore Bar Americain
  2. A copy of Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain cookbook. My iPad reviewers’ copy seems to have expired and the cauliflower gratin is still not perfected.
  3. The recipe for Serge’s (of Serevan) beef stew. (I’ve got one of the secret ingredients — dried Persian limes.) That way I can explore the rest of the menu when I eat there. And because I’ve been very good this year, the secret behind Dickson’s bacon.
  4. A new set of (impervious) oven mitts. Seems like mine bit the dust recently. Any ideas?
  5. A macro lens for the camera on my iPhone. Yes, the chorizo is waiting for its close-up.
  6. To win the Charcutepalooza challenge and go to France in March. Experiencing charcuterie at the source, along with market trips, Paris and possibly a French hen or three. Vous avez des pensées positives (think positive thoughts)!Accidental Locavore charcute-logo-small

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