Beautiful Wooden Kitchen Tools For the Accidental Locavore, and You

The Accidental Locavore was virtually introduced to Ivan Hentschel though a mutual friend, Carol Segrave. Ivan is a fine woodworker, living in Texas, who has found a unique way to use up the wood scraps from his furniture to start a side business making cooking utensils. He was kind enough to send a selection of tools for various functions, in an assortment of woods, most of which he sources locally.

The utensils are a bit deceptive, lovely looking, with careful attention paid to the use of the wood, highlighting the grain. It’s not until you pick them up and start to hold them that you realize how beautifully they fit into your hand. Even though Ivan and I have never met, somehow each and every utensil fit as though it was custom fit for my hand.

Accidental Locavore EAlong with the tools, Ivan included a road map explaining what he uses the various shapes for and identifying the woods used. They range from white ash to hickory to walnut, with cherry and pecan tossed in for good measure. The Locavore has road tested most of them at this point and was so happy with how they performed, I promptly ordered a second F to make a pair of salad servers, replacing a pair that had seen (much) better days. You can see E in action in the bowl with the stuffing for the tomatoes. Here’s B after cracking, beating and scrambling an egg. Last night, E helped break up some anchovies and Italian sausage for pasta puttanesca.  Instead of crappy plastic utensils, why not use something truly lovely to Accidental Locavre Ivan Bcook with? Trust me, your food will taste better.

If utensils aren’t on your wish list, Ivan will custom make French rolling pins, cutting boards, butcher blocks, a dining room set or anything else you can think of. Reach him at:




2 thoughts on “Beautiful Wooden Kitchen Tools For the Accidental Locavore, and You”

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  2. THANK YOU for Ivan — I love every and all wood so much that I even buy stuff from fake craftsmen at street fairs; this is an exciting discovery, with a warm, woody glow!

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