The World’s Best Butter

Has butter ever stopped you in your tracks?

At lunch recently, we were munching radishes and dabbing them with butter. When the butter hit conversation stopped.

It was that good.

We quickly devoured it, smearing it on radishes, bread, anything. And asked for more. When the server brought the second helping, we asked what it was. He returned with a nicely wrapped hunk of Beurre Bordier*.  When he heard how much we loved it, he disappeared and came back with a big smear of a different version–this one with seaweed (algues) mixed into it. I wasn’t a fan, but the guys were and the one who was a chef was mentally finishing his next seafood pasta with it.

After lingering over the rest of lunch (so we could hit the shop that sold the must-have butter when they reopened), we made our way to the épicerie and picked up some butter. When we got it home, I added it to the 2 other pieces of salted butter that were already there (and a chunk of unsalted). With all that butter, how about a taste test? All were demi sel (lightly salted):

  1. Supermarket butter—Paysan Breton: nice butter taste, decent amount of salt, definitely a contender.
  2. Unknown butter from the cheese store: also good mouth feel, nice taste, but since it probably cost more than the supermarket brand (and requires a trip to the cheese store-oh no!) not worth it.
  3. Beurre Bordier: definitely saltier than the other two, but a great mouth feel and just killer butter taste. It was also the most golden yellow of the 3. This is what I’m spreading on toast in the morning or bread any time.

My verdict:

I’ll use up the cheese store butter, will  buy the supermarket one for daily use, and splurge on the Beurre Bordier because everything is better with really good butter. If you can find it, give it a try and let me know what you think.

*”Popularly known as the best butter in the world, Le Beurre Bordier is renowned for their deep, complex flavor, and wonderfully smooth texture. Le Beurre Bordier is made with milk from free-ranging cows that graze on nutrient-rich grass in small farms in Brittany and takes 12 times longer to make.”


4 thoughts on “The World’s Best Butter”

  1. totally agree Anne! I discovered Beurre Bordier about 15 years ago and that is my go to butter for toast in the morning, radishes & seafood! certain places will carry the various Beurre Bordier flavoured butters (e.g. aux algues ou fume…). in Marseille, they stock it regularly at L’Epicierie Ideal on rue d’Aubagne!

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