22 Things I do or did in France in 2022

This is a piece started at the beginning of 2022 when we were in France and Frank commented that I was drinking wine and coffee, which I rarely did in the US, so I created an informal list:

22 Things I do or did in France in 2022

  1. Have a small breakfast, big lunch and a small dinner
  2. Drink coffee—un grand crème for breakfast only
  3. Drink hot chocolate (because I don’t love pain au chocolat) but hot chocolate and a croissant…
  4. Keep eggs on the counter
  5. Drink wine at lunch. Mostly rosé because it’s really good here, but so are the reds and whites and sparkling
  6. Have a 2-hour lunch and a tiny dinner
  7. Walk (off that 2-hour lunch)
  8. Buy bread (every day). It goes stale quickly and you can always get a demi (half)
  9. Buy lots of cheese (it’s better here and you need something to go with the bread)
  10. Discover that almost anything that comes from Corsica is delicious. Especially the cheese and charcuterie.
  11. Learn that anything recommended by the owner of the bakery is really good. Thank you, Christophe, for introducing me to talmières and some great restaurants.
  12. Buy pastries, they don’t have to be chocolate but…
  13. Drink water with bubbles and have your choice of fine, regular or strong bubbles.
  14. Eat at restaurants—inside for the first time in ages
  15. Remember that the French smoke and seem to have been practicing a lot during Covid (which is why #17)
  16. Speak French or attempt to. Who knew the word for cloves was clous de girofle?
  17. Shop at the marchés
  18. Enjoy galettes (savory) and crêpes (sweet)
  19. As they’re being consumed, admire perfectly cut (in 1 cm cubes) fried potatoes at Restaurant Victor Hugo
  20. Always be up for the best fettuccine with clams (and damn good pizza) at Le Safari
  21. Eat steak au poivre when it’s a special at Victor Hugo
  22. MOVED HERE!!!!

Yes, it’s all about me, but you might see yourself in a few of these, or have a few comments for the comment section below. Happy New Year!





4 thoughts on “22 Things I do or did in France in 2022”

  1. I live in the US (for now) and actually do a lot of these. 1,2,4,7,9,12,13,14,17. Unfortunately no Victor Hugo here.

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