Omsom Krapow Dinner Starter

As much as I’ve written about Omsom, and cooked many delicious meals with their starters, I never tried the Krapow, a Thai “savory chili garlic sauce”.  A quick trip to their site, and soon Krapow was sitting on my doorstep in brand new packaging and a bigger sauce pack, so it now makes enough for 3-4.

An effort to use up some lost items in our freezer produced some ground beef and what I thought was some ground lamb (but turned out to be more beef), so that was put to use with some red peppers, green beans, onions and basil. As usual, prep and cooking was super easy and everything was done by the time a pot of jasmine rice was cooked.

My verdict:

This was a little spicy, and a nice combo with the crunch of the beans and peppers. Next time, I’d want to switch out the ground beef for pork or lamb, but I’m shopping from my freezer. I liked the Krapow, but my favorite has always been the Larb, followed by the Lemongrass BBQ. Krapow will probably fight Bulgogi for third place. If you want to put them all to the test, there’s now a Try ‘Em All Set.

The Omsom products are great because they make a night when you don’t feel like cooking, but want to eat something good, easy to accomplish (and are certainly better than our local Thai and Chinese places).

The instructions say to try it as a marinade and it would probably work well with chicken or shrimp, slightly marinated and stir-fried.

If you’ve ordered from them before, there is new packaging, which is a nice improvement. Small boxes take the place of the flexible bags that came before. The boxes stack nicely and take up less space, but the packets inside now contain enough sauce to serve 3-4 people. It’s all at the same price as before, so win-win for consumers.

And, if you’re curious, yes we did bring a bunch of Omsom packets to France!



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