Is Peanut Butter Having a Moment?

Peanut butter, that childhood classic, seems to be popping up in any number of recipes recently. It may be having a moment (or it may just be that I’m woefully behind in reading emails) but when you see it as an ingredient 4 times in 3 days, you could be excused for thinking there’s a trend here.

The first recipe that caught my attention showed up in the NY Times Cooking “What to Cook This Week” newsletter. It was for peanut butter glazed salmon. Hmm…let’s slather peanut butter and 2 different oils on a fatty fish and add some green beans. Don’t you think it would cancel the health benefits of both the salmon and the green beans?

The second was from Taste  for a peanut butter bacon burger. Ugh. This was wrong in so many ways, from the Martin’s potato roll (huge contributor to far right Republican candidates, so no more Martin’s) to the toppings of both ketchup and PB.  And would you put ketchup or peanut butter on a bacon burger?

The third was another respected newspaper, the Washington Post. This recipe took one of summer’s pleasures, corn on the cob and smothered it in peanut butter. Please tell me why someone would want crunchy peanut butter on corn? And since corn is usually a side dish, what main course are you serving that peanut butter corn on the cob would enhance?

For dessert? From the preview of a new cookbook; Whipped yogurt with roasted strawberries and peanut fudge sauce. Forget the yogurt, it’s the innocent bystander here. First you roast strawberries with sugar, lime and cinnamon. Then you make the peanut fudge sauce with smooth peanut butter, cocoa, maple syrup and soy sauce. No, just no.

And when the jar is running low, the Kitchn has some ideas on how to use up every last bit. Their second one is something I’ll be rushing to make: “he pours a fresh shot of espresso into the peanut butter jar, gives it a good shake with the lid on, then opens it back up to add oat milk, vanilla bean paste, and honey. The lid goes back on and after a few more vigorous shakes, the drink goes into a cup filled with ice for sipping.” Maybe in his house…

If you’re a peanut butter fan, which of these would you try? Or have you got your own favorite crazy, crunchy combo?





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