Nice What I Miss: The Top 10

We’ve only been back a couple of weeks, but this is what I miss the most from our time in Nice. My top 10:

  1. The sun, 5 weeks of it, interrupted only twice by rain…
  2. Being able to shop at the markets every day but Monday.
  3. Well-labeled produce, telling where everything comes from. Clementines from Spain, Portugal, Israel, or Corsica–what’s your preference today? Sellers with masses of mushrooms and leafy lettuces where you can choose your favorites or mix and match to try new varieties and come up with your perfect blend.
  4. Great bread. Whether it’s a “caterpillar” baguette (the baker’s joke about an olive baguette) or regular baguette, just being able to dash across the street to a great boulangerie, like Chez Maître Pierre, is one of the reasons we like staying in the Carré d’Or.
  5. The walking. Boy, do I miss the walking! Wandering, strolling, speed walking. I miss it all. Walking off a great lunch by cruising along the Promenade.
  6. The Mediterranean. The sea in all its calmness, or on windy days with rough surf. Watching the brave or foolhardy swimming and wondering what (if anything) the fisherman catch with their rods planted on the shores.
  7. I miss the civility. Everyone, everyone gets greeted and wished a good day on leaving. It’s just how it’s done.
  8. I miss a leisurely meal. Lunch with a glass of wine. A coffee or tea afterwards served with a biscuit, or morsel of chocolate (or at my favorite, Victor Hugo a chocolate covered biscuit).
  9. Normal sized meals. Doggy bags aren’t a big thing in France, so portions are controlled. If you want more food, you order a starter and/or dessert. Unlike places near us in NY, you don’t have to make a judgment call at the beginning of a meal as to how much you want to consume and/or take home. You’re free to order as much or as little as you’d like. There’s also a point of pride coming from most kitchens — if you leave food on your plate, they worry that you weren’t pleased with the meal.
  10. Whether it’s a new restaurant, a small shop tucked in a side street, or just a(nother) beautiful building. It’s what makes walking around always an adventure!



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