A New Look and 900 Post Round-Up

Welcome to the new look for the website!

In honor of this being the 900th post, it seemed like it was time for a site update.

Can you believe 900? And next February it will be 10 years that I’ve been writing this.


In honor of all the year-end roundups, I finally decided that this should be a “lifetime” roundup, so here goes:

  1. First post: What I’ve Been Cooking: Short Ribs, Horseradish Mashed Potatoes. Is it a good thing if you’re still cooking some old favorites 10 years later? I think so and these short ribs are my go-to for short ribs—still the best!
  2. Most commented on: On my site it’s a post about beets, otherwise known as What’s Your Most Hated Vegetable? Because we all have opinions on vegetables, don’t we? When I used to post on Huffington Post, the all-time winner (and number 2 on the site) was 10 Things NOT to do at a Farmers’ Market with over 700 comments.
  3. Thing that profoundly changed how I cook, the year-long Charcutepalooza challenge. It was a year of learning how to make bacon, smoked meats, pates, sausages etc. and while I haven’t made a lot of the stuff in a long time (hello merguez), until we moved and I gave up my smoker I made bacon regularly. And doing the challenge got me making my own yogurt, mayo, granola, Thai sweet chili sauce and more, all of which I make regularly (and recipes can be found on the web site).
  4. Products I’m still using: GIR gear. I’ve gotten to test out most of their products pre-launch (and their use of Kickstarter to build a business is genius). I use their mini spatula constantly and the silicone lids have cut my use of plastic wrap to almost nothing. Even if they didn’t come in a multitude of colors, I’d still love them, but having a plethora of bright red tools is an added bonus.
  5. Appliance I’m still using: My Cuisinart. I’ve had it since college and it’s still going strong. That and my copy of The Art of French Cooking have been with me since then and I still use both of them.
  6. Utensil I don’t use much but would never give up: My mandoline. It was the first gift I got from Frank and 22 years later, I’m still amazed at what a cool gift it was. Why don’t I use it much? Laziness. My knife skills are pretty good and it’s much faster to wipe a knife than clean a mandoline, but that doesn’t mean I don’t treasure it.
  7. Speaking of treasuring: It’s time to give huge thanks to my friend Lisa who has been editing this blog (and more) for a number of years now. It’s been a huge help to have another set of eyes on this and feedback on posts I’ve been frustrated with. Many, many thanks!
  8. It’s not all about food: Sometimes you just need to vent about places you love, politics, losing a faithful friend.
  9. And sometimes it is: To round it up, 9 of my favorite recipes the ones I cook from all the time. Albondigas, pasta Puttanesca, pork chops with cornichons, Indian chicken, tabouli, granola, quick pickles, lamb shanks and everyone’s favorite chocolate dessert.

4 thoughts on “A New Look and 900 Post Round-Up”

  1. Congrats Anne!! I remember sitting with you in Central Park, circa 2009/2010, and the blog/website was just getting off the ground. You have much to celebrate! Nearly ten years in you remain passionate, enthusiastic, and continue to learn and share information with your readers. Happy that I could be along for the ride. 🙂

  2. I hear that you , Ann, are a wonderful person & a great friend! A Happy Holiday to you & your family & a Happy Healthy New Year !

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