2019 Cooking Goals—How Did I Do?

At the beginning of 2019, I set myself 8 cooking goals. Now that we’re pretty much done with the year (and the decade), how did I do?

Short version, not so well, and maybe more embarrassing is that nothing has changed since I looked at this mid-way through the year. Oh my!

In my defense, we did move at the end of the summer, but…

8 Things I’m Challenging Myself to Cook in 2019:

1. Crêpes: One of those projects that I thought I could throw equipment at and be okay. This just needs practice and probably patience. For the crêpe makers out there, is it easier to start with regular (flour) ones before moving on to savory (buckwheat) ones?

Update: Thanks to my friend Jan, mastered this one. Have done both plain and buckwheat, plain are easier and probably more versatile.

  2. Soupe de poisson: This is one of my favorite soups and a prelude to bouillabaisse. Making this is just a matter of deciding to do it and getting some good fish.

Update: Still on my wish list. Going to Nice in January, so can have it at the source.

3. Whole fish: I don’t know why this has always seemed so challenging to me and since they just published this in the NY Times, I’m not the only one. Could it be one of those things like roasting meats that’s super easy but looks like you can cook? Anyone got a favorite recipe to share?

Update: In spite of saving simple whole fish recipes and checking out the contenders at Adam’s, I haven’t gotten here yet, but it’s coming.

4. More fish: Where we are, it’s much easier to get great (farm raised) meat, than good fish, but I’m going to make finding a good source for fish and befriending a fishmonger a priority this year (and it will make #2 & 3 much easier).

Update: got off to a good start with this and give myself extra points for doing a lot more salmon to see if I could con Frank into eating it. We loved several of the recipes. 

5. Cream of mushroom soup: (as good as the CIA and/or the late Campfire in GB) Like the soupe de poisson, this is more a matter of going shopping and facing the stove.

Update: Like the soupe de poisson, didn’t happen and I’ve got no excuses. 

6. Cauliflower rice: Yes, I can be trendy, and we need to cut carbs/sugar in my house.

Update: Since I wrote this, I don’t think we’ve had any cauliflower. Still no cauliflower in the house, but maybe this trend is over? 

7. Grains: Freekeh, farro, oats, lentils, etc. Time to switch it up from rice and potatoes. And if I would do #8, probably faster cooking than an hour on the stove.

Update: More room for improvement and that goes for #8 too. I’ve eaten more oats for breakfast but haven’t cooked different grains for dinner or lunch bowls. 

Accidental Locavore Insta-Pot8. Use my Instant Pot: for more than yogurt and use the pressure cooker part of it. Shoot, I guess that means I have to find the instruction book and read it.

Update: It still makes great yogurt and works well as a slow cooker, but still haven’t used it as a pressure cooker.

And, I’m going to start using the “good” silver!

Update: Polished it and used it the last time we had friends for dinner. Nice to use the good stuff, but now it’s packed in a box.




3 thoughts on “2019 Cooking Goals—How Did I Do?”

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  2. Great year, love my pressure cooker, specially in fall winter, stew, soups, pot au feu, pole henri 4 etc…..

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