Holiday Dinner Bingo

Want to relieve some of the stress of the holidays and put a smile on everyone’s face. How? Holiday Dinner Bingo!

When we used to go to Rancho La Puerta, the highlight of the week for everyone was bingo night (probably because there was unlimited popcorn). I still have the set of 5 papiermâché napkin rings I won one night (is five a significant number at Mexican dinner tables?). You may have heard about Meeting Bingo, where you track all the tired business clichés…”at the end of the day, teambuilding, thinking outside the box, metrics, etc” and now Remote Meeting Bingo (just hide it from the camera), but if you haven’t tried Holiday Dinner Bingo, you’re missing a big opportunity!

A couple of years ago, the Cleveland Plains Dealer had a way to bring entertainment hilarity to Christmas dinner, or any family gathering: Holiday Bingo. You mark down on a card every time you hear someone saying something really dumb, annoying, or just plain typical. On their site you  can download game boards, but why not create your own? The prizes can be whatever you were looking to re-gift, or just another helping of dessert.

For my family I created my own Christmas Dinner Bingo cards, little realizing what the reaction would be. My mother was laughing so hard, the Yorkshire pudding almost didn’t happen and my father could barely stop wheezing (his highest form of laughter) long enough to fulfill his wine-pouring duties.  Since then, I’ve had them laminated (for easy clean-up) and they’ve become part of our Christmas tradition. If you’re curious about my family’s clichés, or just want a good laugh, click here to access the game cards.

If you want Thanksgiving specific bingo cards, here’s a link to create them (but I bet you can do a better job on your own). Enjoy!

What would be on your Holiday Bingo cards?

Happy Holidays to all!



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  1. it’s FABULOUS that you decided to share your Christmas Dinner Bingo with your fans — so many of us and our families will have a very funny and exciting finish to our dinner this year — thank you, thank you!

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