Delicious & Sons: Organic Sauces & More

Sometimes delicious new sauces show up in the most unexpected places.

A few weeks ago, I was touring a co-packing plant and warehouse facility.Sometimes delicious new sauces show up in the most unexpected places. This was the case with Delicious & Sons, a line of organic sauces and more.

Stick with me, this gets interesting.

One of the line of products they were packing and shipping was a line of sauces etc. from Delicious and Sons and it looked really good!

I got in touch with them and they kindly got me a bunch of products to taste.

Their products run from pasta sauces to spreads that can be used in many ways, to aiolis and even a truffle balsamic sauce.

All of them are made in Spain with organic ingredients.

Accidental Locavore Delicious & Sons SauceThe first one I tried was their Organic Tomato Sauce with Italian Olives on the stuffed shells I made recently. It was great, good ripe tomato taste and an occasional burst of salty olives and no one would realize that it didn’t come from you spending a Sunday afternoon over a hot pot of sauce. There will definitely be some jars of this in my pantry!

This weekend, we had guests for dinner and I pulled out three of their dips and spreads. We tasted the Spicy Black Olive Spread, the Artichoke Spread and the Porcini Mushroom Spread on slices of baguettes.

The group was split down the middle when it came to favorites. Half were for the Porcini and the others voted for the Spicy Black Olive, with the Artichoke coming in a close third.

Accidental Locavore Delicious & Sons Sauce TrioI’d love the olive spread on a sandwich to give it a punch, or even in salad dressing (which I need to remember for the next vinaigrette I toss together).

The porcini spread would be great in an omelet or just as a simple pasta sauce, maybe with some cream or butter on a good fettuccini.

Or with any of them, you could do what we did and just serve them with some nice bread, crackers or even some veggies to dip into them. Simple and delicious.

There are lots more products on their website—I’ve still got the aiolis, a basil pesto and the white truffle balsamic glaze to play with and you can order any of them there. Enjoy!Accidental Locavore Delicious & Sons Pesto Sauce


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