Hot Chocolate. With Red Wine?

The Accidental Locavore was moved to make myself a mug of hot chocolate and write this piece after an article in the NY Times* about this new “thing.”

Dubbed red wine hot chocolate, it was the mash-up of 2016.

Or mess-up, depending on your point of view.

There are certain foods you just don’t fiddle with.

Call me a purist if you’d like, but when an ingredient is perfectly delicious why can’t it be left alone?

Chocolate (and its drinkable buddy, hot chocolate) are some of those ingredients.

And the better the chocolate…

So why is everyone inclined to flavor it?

Accidental Locavore Mug of Hot Chocolate

Here’s my opinion on hot chocolate (with apologies to Green Eggs and Ham):

I do not like it with chipotle, coffee or cumin.

Tahini or Nutella.

I do not like it with red wine—Burgundy or Beaujolais.

No $95 Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

Or for that matter, white wine, rosé or champagne.

I do not need it with marshmallows—mini, midi or maxi. Handmade or from a bag.

And no ménage Á  trois with red wine and marshmallows (courtesy of the NY Times). No, no, no!

I do like it in a mug.

I do like it in a jug (to pour in to my waiting mug).

I do like it dark and hot.

And maybe even with a heart.

I do not need it with whipped cream. Unless it’s Angelina’s– my Paris dream.

I do not need it 28 ways, as in the number of February days.

I do not like it from a bag, and made with water makes me gag.

It’s hot and nostalgic but not much more.

And my NYC fave? City Bakery’s makes me rave!Accidental Locavore City Bakery Hot Chocolate


What about you? Have you had or will you try red wine hot chocolate? With or without marshmallow?


*From the same publication that gave the world pea guacamole


6 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate. With Red Wine?”

  1. you are too much!! poor doctor seuss must be turning in his grave with jealously, but now that i’ve stopped choking with laughter, and that red wine is not as busy here, and your father has hot chocolate every morning, i might give it a toss….will let you know! ;>)

  2. Well, there’s supposed to be powdered milk in it I think, but if there’s some half and half I always add it. As for the red wine, I’d love to know if anyone is brave enough to try it!

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