Nice: A Dessert Named Desire

Accidental Locavore a Dessert Named DesireIn lieu of recipes, the Accidental Locavore will fill you in on some of the sights and pleasures of Nice. The above, was my dessert the other day. It was a little architectural wonder. A thin layer of cake supports fudge with praline for crunch. There are six balls of chocolate mousse capped with a milk chocolate tile and a bit of silver leaf for garnish. Eaten together it’s a study in contrasts, that works equally well separately. Desire=delicious!

Accidental Locavore Steak au Poivre EatenDesire was preceded by a wonderful steak au poivre, something I’d been dreaming about since it was made for me as a birthday treat at Restaurant Victor Hugo. I’d never been a fan before, and still generally avoid it at home, but it proved to be almost as good as I remembered.

Accidental Locavore Trois FemmesAt another table, three women of an âge certain were eagerly sharing spring rolls, followed by the steak au poivre. It was such a wonderful picture of aging, that I immediately wanted to grow old with my friends in exactly the same way!

Accidental Locavore Local CheesesIn between meals, I decided to try as many (new to me) cheeses as I could. First stop, a good fromagerie close by the marché. While they didn’t have the chèvre I was looking forward to, they did offer up a local chèvre and a creamy sheep’s milk disc. Both were good, mild, but with good flavor and with a baguette from across the street, a perfect lunch!

Accidental Locavore Cheese SellerIf you ever had doubts about the sheer amount of cheeses available here, just check out this guy. A dozen of his own sheep’s milk cheeses. I chose a fresh one, rolled in herbs–next week maybe one of the runnier rounds.

Accidental Locavore Huge SquashWhile most servings in France are pretty reasonable (more room for dessert), sometimes things just get big. This squash at the market had to be at least three feet long, but here they’ll sell you a portion of it, unless you’re feeding an army! Enjoy!



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