Seriously, Who Has a Pink Kitchen?

Accidental Locavore Pink SpongesBlame it on GIR! After testing out all their great new products in my favorite red, the Accidental Locavore was washing dishes with a new (pink) sponge and wondering why they always come in such dumb colors. Pink, orange, pale blue, light green, yellow and purple. Do any of those match (or even compliment) your kitchen décor? In this day where everyone on the house-hunting shows whines about matching (stainless) appliances, why hasn’t someone stepped up to the plate and made sponges in great colors? And it’s not just sponges, all the scrubby sponges are in the same colors, yellow with green, or even worse, have coordinating prints.

Accidental Locavore Sponge DisplayI know I’d pay extra to be able to stock-up on red sponges, or even black or white ones. Actually, I’m fussy enough to comb the supermarket aisle, hoping for a four-pack that doesn’t have at least one purple one! For something that everyone owns and uses almost every day, that sits out on the sink in plain view, it’s amazing that no one has given this more (asthetic) attention. If you think about it, does the sponge you’re using, look much different from the one your mother used, or the one Otto Bayer invented (by accident) in 1937?

Accidental Locavore SpongesSelfishly and as a public service, I’ve suggested to the creative heads at GIR that their next ventures should focus on the kitchen sink. While you might only buy one or two spatulas (and theirs are so good, you’ll probably never need to replace them), sponges are constantly being replaced. In the interest of research (and a better looking kitchen sink), I’ve volunteered to beta test any and all red sponges or scrubby sponges that might need to be taken for a test run and would happily back a Kickstarter campaign. What about you — what color would you like your sponges in? Or do you really have a pink kitchen?



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