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Accidental Locavore Taste NYIf you drive the Taconic Parkway, you may have noticed a lot of renovation being done on one of the “Park N Ride” stops. Governor Cuomo rescued the abandoned building and opened it earlier this summer to showcase local New York products. As this is something the Accidental Locavore is pretty passionate about, it was only a matter of time before I went to check it out. Actually, I was waiting until we got well into the summer, to see what sort of fresh produce they would have. The other day after a harrowing ride home, I decided that it would give me the perfect break.

One of the arguments against farm-fresh, local etc., is that it’s expensive. Well, if you think your local farmers’ market is pricy, check out Taste New York! Talk about sticker shock, I thought I was back at E.A.T., Dean & Deluca, or any other stupidly expensive Manhattan grocery. Vidalia onions $2. That’s each onion. Italian sausages, local (and frozen) $12.95 a package.

Accidental Locavore NY CheeseAccording to the press release, Taste NY was created to promote tourism: “When it comes to the state of New York and the story this state has to tell, and the products this state has to offer, no one can compete with us. We just have to get them to visit, we just have to get them to sample once, what we make and what we produce, and they will come back over and over again,” Cuomo said.”

Well, they might sample once, but after paying those prices, they’re not going to be able to afford to come back again and again! And, since Cuomo’s significant other (Sandra Lee), is known for her Money Saving Mealsyou would think she might have given him a reality check.

Accidental Locavore NY SalsaIf you want local products, do come up the Taconic, but pull off on almost any exit and explore the local markets. There are great local products there, and while some of them may be pricy, it’s not the stupidly expensive Taste New York.





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