Doneness Test for Roasting and Grilling Video

Accidental Locavore Testing DonenessTo continue in the roasting mode, here’s the Accidental Locavore’s favorite way to test for doneness when you’re roasting or grilling. It’s easy and requires no fancy equipment, just your hands. The first few times you do it it might seem a little weird, but trust me, you get used to it and it works! Ask anyone I’ve cooked steaks for, including a slightly skeptical friend who entrusted me with three steaks costing a small fortune.

Because it’s much easier to see, than to explain, check out the short video and let me know what you think. Isn’t it easy?


1 thought on “Doneness Test for Roasting and Grilling Video”

  1. This is a great video. The method I learned used the face: your cheek was rare, chin is medium, forehead well done.. this seems easier to remember.

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