Accidental Locavore: Blogging Boomer’s Carnival: Sandy Edition

Welcome to the Blogging Boomer’s Carnival, a compendium of blogs by and for Baby Boomers (and those who love them). For those of us like the Accidental Locavore, living on the East Coast, or more specifically, New York City, this has been a very tough week. While we were lucky to escape relatively unscathed,so many of my friends and family have been living without light, heat or water for days now. The devastation from Hurricane Sandy is immense and any donations made to the Red Cross will be greatly appreciated!

Our newest member, Helene, watched in horror as Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey shore and prayed that her beloved beach town would be spared. In her own home in Pennsylvania, she lost power for four days, but she’s counting her blessings.

One of the many other without power is Tom Sightings who survived Sandy, but has not been able to post any items on his blog. As soon as he’s back online, he will be back to posting on Sightingsat60. Be sure to check it out and see how he dealt with Sandy.

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about avoiding scam artists when you remodel or rebuild your home after Hurricane Sandy or when you donate to a charity or buy a used car.

All is not lost for Boomers looking for work. SoBabyBoomer reports the number of workers age 55 and up grew by 3.5 million from September 2009 to September 2012. That represents the lion’s share of the gain of 4.2 million for all workers 16 and older, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Laura Lee aka the Midlife Crisis Queen, had a unique opportunity to visit the “Becoming Van Gogh” exhibit at the Denver Art Museum this week. Go see how Van Gogh followed his passion later in life! And then learn how to turn life changing crappiness into happiness over at How To Believe In Love Again! And now she asks “What lessons can we all learn from Hurricane Sandy?” Here are just a few.

Accidental Locavore Pak-Boong-Fai-DaengIf the Locavore thought she was doing well, making Thai red curry duck during the hurricane, see who was making the real deal! Check out another Dubai adventure from Arabian Tales Katie Foster. Top Chef eat your heart out. Dubai is cookin’ with gas! BAM! “Thai Hands On” Cooking Dubai Style.

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