Need a Quick, Impressive Dinner? Rack of Lamb With Chiles

Accidental Locavore Rack of LambA long time ago, the Accidental Locavore learned that the easiest and most impressive thing you can cook is a roast. It really takes no effort and with an instant-read thermometer is essentially fool-proof. More recently, I’ve been cooking rack of lamb, which is easy and unlike bigger roasts, quick. This is a Mexican version from Rick Bayless that’s grilled and I’ve adapted to serve 2. It would be quick, but you need to figure in marinating time.

[gmc_recipe 2405]

My verdict: Good, but here’s how I would tweak it. Pasilla chiles aren’t terribly spicy so if you’re looking for heat, adding a chipotle in adobo to the marinade might be a good idea. Next time, I might grill a lime and add that and some cilantro to red onion as a garnish. The original recipe calls for topping the lamb with queso anejo, but I was too lazy to go to the Mexican grocery. I’m not sure if that would have been the needed kick, but since most Mexican cheeses are pretty bland, I don’t think so.



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