Do You Dare Switch-Up Breakfast? Trying Local Teas

When was the last time you (willingly) changed-up what you drank in the morning? And how much did you change it up? The Accidental Locavore was pondering this, switching blends of tea not once, but three times this week. Which got me to thinking, do you eat and drink the same thing every morning? Go for more variety on the weekends? I’m pretty much tied to a big mug of tea and a bowl of yogurt with granola and berries during the week, and an omelet on the weekends (lovingly cooked by my husband). How about you?

My big shot at variety wasn’t for anything more than being attracted by a pretty face, or in this case, a beautiful package. One of the things at Haven’s Kitchen that really caught my eye was a shelf devoted to Bellocq tea in sunny yellow-wrapped tins. Being an Earl Grey fan for years (Fortnum & Mason’s Smoky Earl Grey to be specific), the Locavore looked for a reasonable substitute and was directed to “The Queen’s Guard,” a smoky blend with flowers, the tea being almost as beautiful as the packaging.

Accidental Locavore Bellocq TeaThis morning, I went for a blend my mother brought, an interesting Organic Earl Grey from Mem Tea, a local Boston importer, something I’d tasted and liked in a restaurant up there. While the nose is pretty much identifiable as a Earl Grey, the taste when brewed has a lot of cinnamon, not something normally associated with Earl Grey. It won’t become my go-to cuppa but it’s good for switching it up on an occasional weekend.

And how was the blend bought mostly for its good looks? Again, it won’t be my every morning brew (why use something that can be bought locally when you can bribe people going to London?) but it’s got a nice smoky taste with a little sweetness from the flowers. It’s not overwhelmingly fragrant, a plus in my book. It’s possible I’m just a sucker for great packaging, but you try opening a sunny yellow box and pour out tea with pink and blue flowers, and see if your day isn’t a little brighter.


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