Accidental Locavore: Scenes From the Market in Nice

Accidental Locavore Ranunculus

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…The Accidental Locavore hopes you enjoy these photos from the marché in Nice.Accidental Locavore Red PeppersAccidental Locavor Gerber Daisies

Accidental Locavore RougetsAccidental Locavore LilacsAccidental Locavore TurnipsAccidental Locavore RomanscoAccidental Locavore Cabbage

Accidental Locavore Green TulipsAccidental Locavore Zucchini With FlowersAccidental Locavore Endive Accidental Locavore White Asparagus


4 thoughts on “Accidental Locavore: Scenes From the Market in Nice”

  1. I love the rougets — and there are lots of exciting recipes for them, AND they’re part of the goat fish family!

  2. Beautiful, especially the photo of the Romanesco (cauliflower). Of course the flowers are spectacular too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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