How the Accidental Locavore Survived Hurricane Irene

After going through the motions of emergency preparedness for Irene, the Accidental Locavore started to focus on the important stuff: what we were going to eat if there was no power. Cooking through the contents of a full fridge and big freezer was an option, however some things that didn’t need much if any preparation would probably be a good idea. Smoking a chicken is easy, so I butterflied one and, after brining it overnight tossed it on the smoker. Three hours later, a beautiful bird and one that would keep if the power were off for a while.

Accidental Locavore CroissantsSince the Locavore was near the Culinary Institute early on Thursday, I stopped by to pick up a dozen croissants from the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe. That proved to be the closest to a psycho-drama as the whole hurricane experience provided. Turns out, they don’t want you stocking up, so they’re now rationing croissants…but there’s a work-around for that (comment if you want to know what it is).

Then, to really seal the deal on the whole preparedness thing, my husband, a refugee from the city, showed up with a box from Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese. In it was a wedge of a very special tomme they’ve been working on. Don’t start heading down to your local fromagier, it’s not for sale. But, boy, do they get creds for timing! How kind of them to time this delivery in the face of major storms.

Because of the potential storm, all weekend guests were left to brave it out in the city, while we just hung out at our weekend house and hoped all the trees would stay put. This time, we were fortunate enough not to lose either power or trees. So we were able to heat the croissants (and even make coffee and tea to go with them). The smoked chicken will be lunch later on in the week.

Accidental Locavore Point Reyes TommeAnd the tomme? Well, as you can see from the photo, we couldn’t even wait to take its picture before we had to taste it. First we grated some and Frank made omelets with it, good, but would have been better if the Locavore wasn’t being stingy with the cheese. Then, to celebrate the end of Irene, we just cut it up and ate it. Again, my hat is off to Point Reyes. The cheese has a lovely caramel aroma with a hint of grass. It’s buttery and full of rich flavor. The best part for me (besides the fact that it doesn’t need a cracker) is the surprise of little crunchy bits, in an otherwise, semi-firm cheese. Point Reyes calls them “pops”, which is an awfully good description.

The Accidental Locavore is trying really hard to follow their directions and “savor it” and I am, little bit by little bit. However, a part of me thinks this would make the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich…


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  1. We stocked up for the hurricane before we knew we had a mandatory evacuation order: our weekly CSA veggies came just in time, plus we bought: our favorite forbidden doughnuts, water, our favorite ice cream (which we would immediately devour should we lose power), and chocolate.

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