Removing the Smell of Garlic and Onions From Your Hands

Accidental Locavore GarlicChopping lots of garlic and onions? If your hands smell just rub them on anything made of stainless steel. I run them all over my sink…voilà, garlic smell gone!


2 thoughts on “Removing the Smell of Garlic and Onions From Your Hands”

  1. I love the smell of garlic and onions, just only while I’m cooking and eating them. It’s when I bring coffee to my mouth the next morning that the garlic smell gets a little old.

  2. Why would you ever want to remove the aroma of garlic and onions from you? Fresh garlic and onion is just an invitation to fresh bread, a solid bottle of wine and,,,oh yea, SWEET sausage.
    A really happy thought.

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