Blogging Boomers Carnival:Long Johns, Twitter, and Lots More

This week the Accidental Locavore has the pleasure of hosting the latest Blogging Boomers Carnival. As with any good carnival, there is something here for everyone. Starting with a few choice words about long johns from the Boomer Chronicles.

  • Looking for a way to eat as much as you want while learning about a city history AND getting in some good exercise?  Janet Wendy at Gen Plus stretches her legs and her culinary appetite on a delightful Los Angeles Melting Pot walking tour.
  • Are you coming off a traumatic divorce or just feeling disillusionment with love?  The Midlife Crisis Queen, Laura Lee Carter can help. Learn more about her new book: How to Believe in Love Again! It will be available soon!
  • How do you find that sweet spot between looking stylish and feeling comfortable when it comes to what you wear on your feet? The Glam Gals have the foot friendly answer at Fabulous after 40!
  • Need a home-based business idea?  Ann at Contemporary Retirement has 55 of them…
  • SoBabyBoomer says the “shop globally, buy locally” movement has been going on for five years.  Sometimes, merely being made in the United States is enough to qualify for buying locally.
  • presents “The Network is Your Customer.” What does that mean? Check us out.
  • Laziness, greed & deception. Vaboomer reveals the hidden causes of the financial crisis:
  • And don’t miss this great recipe for a creamy corn chowder with bacon and potatoes, but no cream, ’cause baby it’s cold outside! What do you cook when the temperatures drop?

Which is your favorite post this week? We’re looking forward to your comments.


3 thoughts on “Blogging Boomers Carnival:Long Johns, Twitter, and Lots More”

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  3. Just watched your wonderful video on cooking fresh squash and zucchini! I love vegetables but get tired of cooking them the same old plain way. Going to try these yummy and easy variations! I just so happened to have a package of the Mexican “Fresh” cheese in my fridge! Yummy!

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