Emy Desserts: Making Snacking Safe for Everyone

If you or anyone you know have ever suffered from a food allergy, you’ll want to know about Emy Desserts.

If you or anyone you know have ever craved delicious, sweet snacks, you’ll want to know about Emy Desserts.

Emily Horta the founder of Emy Desserts wants everyone to feel included. Her mission is to “provide desserts and snacks that EVERYONE can enjoy!”

Her treats are completely allergy friendly with no soy, dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat, gluten, crustacean or seafood. She goes a step further and makes it a healthier option by using no refined sugar, GMO, corn, sesame or coconut. To keep it safe, she buys from companies that are completely allergy friendly or have separate product lines.

While it will give people with food allergies something to cheer about, she’s not targeting people with allergies, she’s targeting everyone. Emily wants her customers to realize that “stuff can taste really good without allergens.

Emily graduated from the CIA about 1 ½ years ago with a degree in baking and pastry. She’s vegan and has dietary restrictions and knew firsthand that just going out to eat, “you see the lack of knowledge and ignorance about food allergies and eating restrictions in general. No one should feel left out, no matter if it’s choice or medical reasons. You should have something to eat that you feel safe eating and not a lot of companies realize that.”

She really wanted to make a difference, and with her knowledge and background she thought this would be the perfect way to do it. She’s been baking since she was 15. She did a lot of baking like wedding cakes and traditional desserts and then started to do research into food allergies and veganism and became vegan. She says, “I felt like I needed to make a difference because most of the stuff in bakeries and stuff I can’t eat.”

She comes up with all the recipes herself and develops them through trial and error, and what she feels safe eating. Currently there are 4 product lines, which we got to try:

Fudge cups—4 standard flavors and additional seasonal flavors

Protein bars—5 flavors (the trail mix was one of my favorites!)

Power bites—3 flavors

Truffles—6 flavors

The truffles and fudge cups also come in gift boxes, or she’ll handcraft a gift basket for special orders.

Besides ordering from her website, you can find Emily in person at 2-3 events a week– farmers markets, vegan festivals, craft fairs. She also sells at Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory, local artisan bakeries, Zoe’s Ice Cream, Nature’s Pantry and wants to get into supermarkets and Whole Foods.

She’s active on all social media especially Instagram and tries to keep it personal and have a sense of humor.

Her biggest success? People that don’t have allergies really seem to like the products and become repeat customers even they don’t have need/allergies.

Thanks to Emily for the treats and most of the photos.




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