The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook

I’ve been lucky enough to get advance copies of the last two of Tracey Medeiros’ cookbooks, so when she asked me if I’d like a copy of her newest book The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook, I jumped at the chance.

Like her previous books, The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook and The Connecticut Farm Table Cookbook, this one focuses on local farmers and other food producers. What makes this one different is the emphasis on people who are working to produce non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and organic foods. You may remember that Vermont was the first state to require labeling of GMO foods.

Accidental Locavore Non GMO CookbookWhile I think that non-GMO foods taste better and are probably better for you, you don’t need to be in Vermont or have a pantry full of non-GMO foods to make these recipes. There are recipes to fit every level of cooking skills– from some super-easy recipes to others that take a bit of time or kitchen chops. She’s also done a great job in finding something for every type of eater.

Recently I made the Spinach and Smoked Chicken Gratin which was delicious and will certainly be repeated. I’ve got my eye on the Brussels Sprouts with a Creamy Sriracha Dipping Sauce which Tracey warned me would be gone in a flash, as would be the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Cookies (which with a pound of butter have to be great, right?). Tracey also recommended the Northern Lake Fish Chowder, the Honey-Glazed Pork Bellies and the Apple Raspberry Pie as some of her favorites.

Accidental Locavore Page from Non-GMO CookbookThe profiles and directory are there to give anyone a great jumping-off point for a culinary trip through Vermont. Even if you’re just an armchair traveler, you can sit back and thumb through the great photos and read about all the producers Vermont is lucky to have.

If you’re looking for a new cookbook to add to your shelf, or something to gift to friends, The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook will definitely be a great addition!


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