Water from Trees: Asarasi

We think of trees for lots of things, but water?

Those same sugar maple trees that give you maple syrup now give you water.

If you’re from the Northeast, you know that the ratio of sap to syrup can be as much as 90:1

That’s a lot of waste.

What happens to all that “waste”?

Turns out the guys at Asarasi Sparkling Tree Water have found a way to turn that waste into water.

Not only drinkable water, but it’s renewable, sustainable and organic that they carbonate and bottle.

Accidental Locavore Asarasi Tree WaterI met them at the recent Restaurant Show and was intrigued by the idea.

I was inclined to like it simply because there was very to drink at the show.

After downing countless “shots” of BBQ sauce and other condiments, all I wanted was something to drink.

It was great because it tasted like…water. Nothing sweet or maple flavored.

Just a nice, sparkling water.

And they have a great story to go with it.

Accidental Locavore Sparkling WaterFooling around at home, I decided to see how it stacked up against what sparkling water there was in the house.

Not much.

I made a bottle of sparkling water with the Soda Stream and water from the sink.

Then I found a vintage bottle of Vintage Seltzer.

All three were at room temperature.

I poured all three into glasses with two ice cubes.

Accidental Locavore Sparkling Water TestThe Vintage was clearly past its prime (and expiration date of 3/30/11) and tasted flat, in that way that previously carbonated beverages do. Deflated

The DIY was fine. Sparkling, essentially tasteless, good bubbles.

And the Asarasi? If you were looking for it, you might detect a hint of maple, both in the nose and in the finish. But trust me, you’d really have to be looking for it.

Frank thought the bottled water (Asarasi) had finer carbonation and a more neutral “flavor” than the Soda Stream. He thought that if I had used the filtered water there might have been a difference in the Soda Stream, but I’m not sure I agree with him.

Asarasi is priced about the same as bottled water and currently available around New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Check their website for availability.

What do you think? Would you try it?


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