GIR: Cool Kitchen Gadgets & Pink For a Cause

Are you of the belief that there can’t be too many kitchen gadgets? The Accidental Locavore is always open to playing with cool new gadgets (especially when they look good and work well!). So I was excited when a big package from GIR (Get it Right) with all their new products arrived. I’ve had a couple of their spatulas for two years now and I use them all the time (and, as advertised, they look like the day I got them).

Now they’re adding “flippers,” a spoon, a scraper and five silicone lids to the collection of spatulas. What’s great about all the products (besides the fact that they come in a rainbow of colors — and a bacon pattern) is that they’re one piece of molded silicone, heat-proof to 464°,  and BPA and BPF free. You might not think much about the one-piece design until you start using them and realize how much easier/faster it is to wash them when you can just slide the sponge along it. All the new products will be available in time for the holidays.

The lids are a great addition to one of the weirdest and most useful kitchen items I own. It’s a silicone pig’s head that works as a lid for microwaving dishes. The snout has two holes in it which vents and allows you to remove it with a pair of chopsticks (it’s Japanese) or for the less adept, the tines of a fork. It replaces covering dishes with plastic wrap (not good for you) or paper towels (dries food out). The only drawback of the pig? One size fits most. The GIR lids come in five sizes ranging from 4″ to 12″ and work beautifully in the microwave, but also function as lids on the stove top or in the fridge. And not that you’d want to try this with your best china, but they stuck like crazy to the bowl I had berries in, to the point that I could lift the whole thing by the handle on the lid. Right now I’ve got one of them covering some cabbage on its journey to become sauerkraut.

The spoon scooped out a recent batch of boeuf bourguignon easily, scraping up all the sauce with the beef. What’s good about it is that it’s got enough of a bowl to scoop out liquids, but it’s not as deep or as hard to maneuver as a traditional ladle. Now I think it’s time to go buy a big steak and try the bigger flipper on the grill, where its size and heat resistance should really come in handy! The smaller one did well with some recent burgers, delicate filet of sole, and my husband’s famous omelets.

GIR would also like me to tell you that for the month of October, if you buy an ultimate spatula in pink, they will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Even if pink isn’t your color, treat yourself with a good spatula and support an important cause! You can order them from their website or pick one up at Sur la Table.




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