Jacuterie: Local Charcuterie at a New Farmers’ Market

Accidenta Locavore Milan MarketIn the Accidental Locavore’s mind, there is almost no such thing as a bad farmers’ market. Interestingly, size generally has nothing to do with the quality of the offerings. Such is the case with a small, but well-stocked market that started last summer in Milan (pronounced my-lan) NY. There usually aren’t more than ten tables, but there’s enough variety to put an entire meal together, including dessert. Something I found awfully appealing, was that at this market, all the farmers know each other, recommend each other’s products, and try not to have competing merchandise.

Accidental Locavore JacuterieI stopped by last week and found the first and only box of cherry tomatoes-so sweet that barely a dozen ended up at home. This farmer was carefully putting out some of the prettiest lettuce to go along with the usual summer squashes etc.

Next to him, was a new-to-me, charcuterie maker-Jacuterie. I was a little hungry after playing golf, so the offer to taste salamis etc was eagerly accepted. There were at least six different sausages, ranging from a couple of French saucisson, to an Italian soppressata and salami, a Swiss cervelat and a Spanish chorizo. Each was delicious and very different tasting. I only say this, because last year I got my husband a salami-of-the month-club from Olympic Provisions. According to foodies, Olympic is supposed to have great stuff, but we both found that they all tasted pretty much the same, and weren’t very exciting (if you don’t believe me, come over, there are still pieces of most of them in the fridge).

Accidental Locavore Olympic ProvisionsI restrained myself from buying more than I thought we could munch through in a weekend. My favorites were the chorizio and the Provencal saucisson, so that’s what came home with me. Unlike the aforementioned tomatoes, the sausages made it home untouched, but not for long!

Accidental Locavore ProvencalThe chorizo had a nice, but not overwhelming, kick to it. I particularly liked its texture, a little chunky and crumbly-not as tightly packed as a lot of aged sausages. The saucisson Provencal, was firmer and along with the good garlicky saucisson taste, had enough herbs de Provence, to flavor, but not overwhelm it.

This week who knows*?


*Actually it was another stick of the chorizo and a nice garlicky fuet.


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