Dannon “Cow to Cup” Creamy Yogurt

Accidental Locavore Dannon YogurtRecently a huge box full of yogurt was dropped off on my doorstep, giving the Accidental Locavore the chance to taste Dannon Creamy Yogurt, a new product. What makes this yogurt unique is that Dannon sources all the milk from a single dairy, the family owned-and-operated McCarty Farms in Colby, Kansas, in a program they call Cow to Cup (cute, right?). And if (like me) you weren’t sure, you’ll be pleased to know that all milk used in Dannon products is hormone-free.

My preference usually is for plain, which lets me add my own flavors — usually blueberries and some homemade granola, but transitioning to peaches and a rainbow of fresh berries in the summer. I like the tang of plain yogurt and generally make my own, but on occasion flavored yogurt is a nice change. The new Creamy Yogurt comes in multi-packs of 18 with six each of blueberry, peach and strawberry.

How does it taste? The peach has a slightly sweet, not overwhelming, peach taste. Creamy and smooth, it’s almost like a yogurt pudding. The color is interesting — kind of a throwback to the 50s and 60s sherbet colors. I like the fact that this is a blended yogurt, so no mixing or lumps of yogurt and fruit.

Accidental Locavore Peach YogurtMy husband, who only occasionally eats yogurt, sat right down with a blueberry one. “Creamy” was his verdict. Like the peach, the blueberry flavor isn’t strong but it has good blueberry flavor — fresh and not overly sweet. Of the three it would be the one I would gravitate to first, but by a narrow margin over the peach.

Strawberry is usually low on my list.  As much as I love fresh strawberries, they are like bananas or coffee — all something I prefer to eat in their natural state. The strawberry yogurt was the most artificial tasting of the three and I might not have immediately recognized it as strawberry in a blind tasting (although, since it was being consumed at 4:00 in the morning, it could easily be considered a blind tasting).

My friend (not being a peach fan) took home some of the strawberry and blueberry yogurt. She really enjoyed both of them, “the flavors were light and not overpowering” and liked the how creamy they were. After feeding some to her granddaughter, this was the reaction: “Baby Eila loved it as well. She ate half the container, got full and then played with the other half, as she finger painted herself with the yogurt.”

If you want to pick up some of this Dannon Creamy Yogurt, it’s exclusive to Sam’s Clubs nation-wide.


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