Blogging Boomer’s Carnival 250! Romance, Glamour and More

What’s on your mind this week? For the Accidental Locavore, it’s being the ringleader of the 250th Blogging Boomers Carnival. 250 weeks of blogs…pretty impressive, right? From the revival of the housing market to the glamour of Evita Peron, see what’s ticking the boxes of our gang.

At what age are men the most romantic? Laura Lee has been creating a bit of a buzz over at her “Believe in Love Again” site lately.  Here’s a link to her post about self-honesty, and how the truth CAN set you free!

The Art of Toad Kissing: Another dating lesson for our booming singles over in the online dating toad kingdom. We learn from another reader question: when and how should we use the Favoriting feature to show romantic interest? Use it right, you may meet your perfect match – abuse it, and you could be labeled TOAD.

SoBabyBoomer says the aging of the Baby Boomer Generation and the surging of obesity and diabetes to epidemic levels are focusing attention on the healing powers of physical fitness.

The Boomer Chronicles takes a look at the Republican presidential primaries. How does Mitt Romney fare in the states he has a personal history with?

Tom Sightings has seen more than one recent report saying that home sales are growing stronger — in fact, sales of previously owned homes rose in January 2012 to the highest level in two years. Does this mean you can finally sell your house and move to your retirement mecca? Does it mean that the time has come, once again, when it’s better to own a home than to rent? Negotiate your way over to Sightings at 60  for more on the subject.

Vaboomer rethinks Eva Peron and glamour. Is there a place for glamour in the twenty-first century? What do you think?

Accidental Locavore Macaroons on a PlateAnd what would a carnival be without something sweet? Check out the Accidental Locavore’s recipe for coconut macaroons. They’re rumored to be addictive, what do you think?


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