Will Your Birthday Cake Outlive You?

Have you ever considered that a piece of your birthday cake could outlive you? The Accidental Locavore understands that there are certain cakes (you know the kind) that look like they could be preserved for eternity, but never really thought anyone would put it to the test. Wrong! And no, it was not for a taping of a new show on TLC…Cake Hoarding: Buried in Frosting. Rather it was an interesting birthday party. Not only was there cake and (almost) ice cream, the star attraction gâteau was from Elizabeth Taylor’s 60th birthday, perfectly preserved (and lasting longer than any of her marriages) in a stainless steel fridge. An interesting idea, but more than a little weird, don’t you think?

Accidental Locavore Seitan GyroAnyway, back to the party. It was the first anniversary of the Entrepreneur Space in its Long Island City location. Since most of the space is designed as incubator kitchens, there were lots of food entrepreneurs with tastes that ran the gamut from Dan Dan noodles, to truffles on a stick, with a dash of hot sauce or a seitan gyro (yes, unfortunately) thrown in to keep things interesting. Even better, many of the “hatchlings” are trying to source and manufacture locally and with green or sustainable products. While the gluten-free and badly disguised seitan offerings, will never be on the Locavore’s hit list, there was plenty that was.

Accidental Locavore Truffles on a StickThe truffles on a stick, from Gotta Eat Sweets were probably the most beautiful things I saw that night, and they tasted as good as they looked! If you, like the Locavore, never understood the obsession with cupcakes, here’s what could be the next must-have item for weddings and other big parties. Added bonus: they come boxed in adorable triangular mini-handbags.  Great packaging and the sticks are bamboo which should make you think you’re being green.

Accidental Locavore CheesecakesAlso trying to take down the ubiquitous cupcake, from Chee Bonnet, my favorite of the event, little cheesecakes, about the size of golf balls, dipped in chocolate. Currently available online only which is probably a good thing for my waistline! A perfect bite or two of great cheesecake beats out gloppy frosting every time, don’t you think?

And speaking of gloppy frosting, the real story behind Liz Taylor’s birthday cake?





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