BBC 232: Disappearances, Shootings,True Confessions and Prune Juice???

Today, the Accidental Locavore has my guest appearance on Emeril’s Table, as well as the pleasure of hosting the 232nd Blogging Boomers Carnival. If you’re not familiar with the Carnival (or BBC as we affectionately call it), it’s a diverse group of Baby Boomer bloggers, having fun writing about all kinds of things. So come, join the fun!

Have you notice when you turned 45 or 50, that you rarely saw women like you reflected on TV, in commercials, on the news, in magazines, or movies?
Did you ever wonder why? Laura Lee has research on the disappearance of women over 50 (and check out the great quote about women and the CIA)!

When we’re not disappearing, we’re worried about well-being. SoBabyBoomer asks, “What defines well-being for boomer women?”

Speaking of well-being…which is more painful, car maintenance or a dental exam? Lucie at Midlife Musings says “Car Repairs, Just Shoot Me!” She says there are two things that are guaranteed to bring me to my knees; computer and car repairs.Accidental Locavore Frank With Blue Car

Tom Sightings took a little trip to find lights and electricity, and a little warm weather, and along the way, at Who Knows How to Drive? he made some observations about what kind of people drive certain kinds of cars — who you can trust on the road, and who you should watch out for as they speed by in the third lane. You might be a little surprised (but he doesn’t expect you’ll take his observations too seriously).

Our Dubai based blogger Katie Foster has found the most expensive garage in the world! Aren’t you curious?

And then there’s this true confession: I actually like prune juice, says The Boomer Chronicles.

To end this carnival, a really interesting question: If you had your life to live over, what would you do differently?  Ann at Contemporary Retirement would love to know… and so would we!


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