App of the Week Review: Time to Roast

Accidental Locavore Time to RoastJust in time for Thanksgiving, the Accidental Locavore discovered Time to Roast. It’s a great little app that does one thing and does it well. When you want to roast meat or poultry (and you have to love that it includes duck and goose!), it does the math for you.

After you load it, you set up the time it takes your oven to heat up (mine’s slooooww), what type of oven it is, weight in pounds or metric, temp in centigrade or Fahrenheit. That’s it.

When you’re planning a dinner, simply plug in the type and weight of your roast, how well done you want it, when you want to serve it and voilà, it tells you when (and if needed, how) to start. Along the way, (loud) alarms go off to tell you when your oven has heated up, the roast is cooked, resting times, etc. If you just want to pop the bird in right now, it will ask if your oven is preheated and depending on your response, give you the proper timetable (and alarms). A very efficient little app!

If that’s not good enough, their support people got back to me so quickly when I commented on a feature I couldn’t find–kudos to them!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Time to Roast

Developer/Seller: Hemingsby Limited

Cost: $.99 (worth it!)

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch






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