App of the Week: Announcing App of the Year Awards

Accidental-Locavore-Toque-App-Banner.jpgThe Accidental Locavore is pleased to be invited to judge the first annual Toque Food App Awards. These awards will honor the best of food apps in a variety of categories, including food, drink, wine and restaurants. If you’re interested in submitting an app, the deadline is October 28, so get a move on!  I can’t wait to start trying them out!

Here’s the link:

The following is a list of categories:

App of the Year (From top to bottom, the food app that should be on everyone’s smartphone)

Best Value (Provides the best bang for the buck)

Best Design (Snapshots of the app look like they could hang in an art gallery)

Best Navigation (The easiest, most intuitive and most unique way to get around in an app)

Best Branded App (An app created by and for the purposes of promoting a brand)

Best Innovation (App that does something new and unique and better than everyone else—others are likely to copy)

Best Food Guide (App that focuses on a single food category and provides everything you need to know)

Best Cooking App (App that improves your cooking knowledge/understanding/ability)

Best Baking App (App that improves your baking knowledge/understanding/ability)

Best Drink App (App that improves your drink knowledge/understanding/ability)

Best Utility App (App that is as useful in your kitchen as a chef’s knife)

Best Social App (App that connects with other foodies)

Best Restaurant App (App by and/or for a restaurant)

Best Novelty App (App that is more clever and fun than useful—something you’d show your friends)

Best Cookbook/Recipe App (App that focuses on delivering recipes)

Best Celebrity Chef App (App from a well-known chef)

Best Health Food App (App that focuses on eating healthy)

Best Fast Food App (App that focuses on fast food—can be from a fast food franchise)

Best Food Locator App (App for finding food, from a food truck to a farmer’s market)



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