Blogging Boomers Strike Again! Accidental Locavore Hosts the Carnival.

This week the Accidental Locavore is happy to present the 224th Blogging Boomers Carnival. We’re a group of Baby Boomers who have a lot to say on all kinds of issues. Bet you’ve got something to say too, so click and comment, why don’t you?

Lucie, one of our newest bloggers, wants you to know that living a life of purpose is an admirable goal, yet you know what they say about the road being paved with good intentions. Some days it’s a bumpy road.

SoBabyBoomer says most people used to pay off their debts before retiring. Yet, more Americans are reaching their 60s with so much debt they can’t afford to retire.

Over at Contemporary Retirement, Ann asks: D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate) or G.E.Y.G. (Gimme Everything You’ve Got)? Where do you stand?

Sightings offers a Remember Him? posting that should bring back memories of a sports great who was as famous off the court as he was in the stadium … not for silly made-for-TV antics, but for his fight against a terrible disease, his commitment to justice and equality, and his inspiring message to young people everywhere.

Now that we have some perspective, how do you think 9/11 changed the way you live your life? Laura Lee has some thoughts on that this week.

And the Accidental Locavore would like you to remember the farmers who have been terribly impacted by Hurricane Irene and the rains following it. Besides shopping at your local farmers’ market here are some other ways to help them out.



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