App of the Week: Forkly

Accidental Locavore App ForklyBack to food this week, the Accidental Locavore plays with Forkly.  This is a new app that once again, tries to bring food and social media together. “Forkly makes it ridiculously easy to match your taste buds with the food and restaurants around you.” Key word: ridiculous.

Be prepared to connect it with your Twitter account, otherwise you can’t access it.

According to this app all the restaurants listed are “popular”. What does it take to be popular? One vote. Same for popular items. So now, the Food Hall at the Plaza is popular because I had lunch there and voted on the gyro sliders (good) and ricotta tater-tots (better). However, there is no room for opposing views. For example, the Dutch, a hot new place in SoHo, is rated as “Most people love things here!” There’s a bar to click on if you want to go there and/or if you want to add a taste, but nothing if you thought the place was noisy, hot and over-rated. There’s also no way to delete or undo something once you’ve clicked on it (no, I didn’t drink a ramp martini).

If you click on “Feed” and “Featured” there’s no telling where in the world these restaurants are, but when I want breaded oysters in Dubai, this may or may not be where I turn. There’s no search feature or for that matter a way to get home.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.


Developer/Seller: Forkly, Inc.

Cost: Free

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (but it’s really meant for the iPhone)




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