App of the Week: Forkly

Accidental Locavore App ForklyBack to food this week, the Accidental Locavore plays with Forkly.  This is a new app that once again, tries to bring food and social media together. “Forkly makes it ridiculously easy to match your taste buds with the food and restaurants around you.” Key word: ridiculous.

Be prepared to connect it with your Twitter account, otherwise you can’t access it.

According to this app all the restaurants listed are “popular”. What does it take to be popular? One vote. Same for popular items. So now, the Food Hall at the Plaza is popular because I had lunch there and voted on the gyro sliders (good) and ricotta tater-tots (better). However, there is no room for opposing views. For example, the Dutch, a hot new place in SoHo, is rated as “Most people love things here!” There’s a bar to click on if you want to go there and/or if you want to add a taste, but nothing if you thought the place was noisy, hot and over-rated. There’s also no way to delete or undo something once you’ve clicked on it (no, I didn’t drink a ramp martini).

If you click on “Feed” and “Featured” there’s no telling where in the world these restaurants are, but when I want breaded oysters in Dubai, this may or may not be where I turn. There’s no search feature or for that matter a way to get home.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.


Developer/Seller: Forkly, Inc.

Cost: Free

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (but it’s really meant for the iPhone)




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