App of the Week: 42 Restaurants Lite

Accidental Locavore 42 Restaurants 2Someday, someone will make a recipe app that makes sense to the Accidental Locavore, however  42 Restaurants Lite is not it. It’s supposed to be “a visual feast and a useful resource for finding recipes of outstanding quality”. Maybe. For a visual feast it would be nice and certainly more visual if it was a true iPad app but it’s only really an iPhone app.

My real issue with it is that the recipes appear to be for advanced cooks and even they will have a hard time. Some of the ingredients are not readily found in this country and the techniques are not very well explained. For example; the time involved in preparing the marinated goats cheese is given as 30 minutes in the overview, however the directions call for drying the tomatoes for 2 hours. This dish also calls for you to cut the goat cheese into four pieces of 1.2-1.8″ (whatever that is…) but doesn’t give a measurement for the filo dough sheets to wrap the goat cheese in.
Stylistically, I don’t like having to flip from the ingredient list to the method page (instructions).
An ongoing complaint I have about all of these recipe sites is the lack of organization of the recipes and none of them have a search function.


Rating: 1 star out of 5

42 Restaurants Lite

Developer/Seller: Michael Gaylord

Cost: Free (the full version is $.99)

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad 2, iPod Touch



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