App of the Week: Scan

This week, it looks like the Accidental Locavore is deviating from food related apps (and actually I am) to talk about my new favorite app: Scan. Scan is, at first glance, a plain Jane app, nothing fancy, but what did your mother tell you about judging a book by its cover? Same with Scan. Green Beans 3 Ways

So what does Scan do? It scans those QR codes you see everywhere.

What’s a QR code? They’re those black and white boxes with the sort of squiggly designs in them.

Why do you care? Because they’re cool. OK, because you point your smart phone at them, scan and they link you to a lot of different sites. You can send recipes or articles to your phone, look at videos, get discounts for shopping, among other things.

The way Scan works is simple. Press the app button, point it at the QR code, the frame goes from white to green and presto, you’re at a website (if you scan this QR code it will take you to one of my recipes).

App rating: 5 out of 5


Developer: QR Code City

Cost: Free

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad 2, iPod Touch





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