App of the Week: Oysterpedia Lite

App of the Week: Oysterpedia Lite

If by some crazy chance you don’t like oysters, you can stop reading now. The Accidental Locavore happens to love oysters and if pressed, might say that the only bad thing about summer is that none of the months have an “r” in them. However, modern technology has even made that a moot point, so oysters can be eaten at any time and be delicious.

Oysterpedia is an app for identifying hundreds of American oysters and rating the ones you’ve eaten. It was developed by the restaurant Mermaid Inn, a popular local fish restaurant. As far as the Locavore has used it, it’s been pretty comprehensive (even had my new favorite: Naked Cowboy). Divided into East and West Coast, there are photos of each oyster with where it’s found, size, flavor and additional notes of interest. Then at the bottom of each entry, you can rate (from 1-5 stars) the oysters and, if you’re feeling social (or smug) share the ratings with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. There’s a section for all the oysters you’ve rated and a glossary (even if you know what “plump” means, check the glossary, it’s amusing).

A couple of minor quibbles: most oysters shells look pretty similar, not sure if a shucked photo would help, but that’s how I usually see them. A European version would be nice, and a better explanation of the difference between the paid and free version might increase sales.


App rating: 4 out of 5 (waiting for the European update, hint, hint)

Oysterpedia Lite

Developer:  The Mermaid Holding Company

Cost: Free (there is another version for $1.99 but it’s hard to say what the difference is, anyone know?)

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad 2, iPod Touch





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