How to Pick the Best Brussels Sprouts

Accidental Locavore Brussels Sprout StalkBrussels Sprouts:

  • Brussels sprouts will occasionally come on a stalk like the photo, otherwise they’ll be loose or in those small containers.
  • They are best in the fall and winter
  • Look for small, unblemished sprouts that are firm and look like mini cabbages

Brussels sprouts often are on a big stalk, looking like some lumpy green club. When they are, cut them off with a small sharp knife. Wash them, trim the stems, and remove the outer leaves. You can also soak them in salted water for about ten minutes to make sure there are no bugs hiding inside (but I’ve never done that or found any surprise guests). Since I love Brussels sprouts, I like to cut them in half the long way so there’s more surface to brown. Par boiling or steaming in the microwave for 5 minutes before sauteing them helps bring out their sweetness. Bacon or pancetta really compliments their flavor.


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