Farmbasket Week 15, the Last of the Tomatoes?

My basket this week had a lovely mix of great stuff, although now that it’s fall, every week the first thing I look for is tomatoes. You know it’s all over when they stop coming. However this week there were three big red ones, and lots of little ones in my garden, although my basil is pretty much over. Back this week were cranberry beans, and now the weather is perfect for a gratin with the beans and I scored a bunch of duck legs confit from Hudson Valley Fois Gras, so they will go well together.

Some green peppers and pimentos were tossed in a great steak pizzaiola my husband made last night. He takes a steak or pork chops and sautees them with some onions and garlic. Then he adds some plum tomatoes, crushed, a little of the juice, and sometimes mushrooms, and/or peppers. Let it simmer until everything is tender and the flavors melded together and serve over the widest egg noodles you can find. So nice when he cooks!

A little bit of mesclun, enough to go with the tomatoes, and some radhishes, and I have lunch for today anyway. Another lovely orange cauliflower, broccoli, an acorn squash, potatoes, beans, and yes, more zucchini. If it gets warm enough, I’m making a salad Nicoise while we have all the ingredients fresh and local. I’ve got some lamb curry sausage which I’m going to have with the zucchini, and some chick peas with zaatar, a Middle Eastern spice.

Other than roasting it, or making soup, what do you do with winter squash? And can you roast the seeds like pumpkin seeds?


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