Are you ready for the NY Locavore Challenge? The Accidental Locavore is!

If you could only pick 5 things to cook with and or eat that weren’t local, what would they be?
There are way too many things I like to eat that come from more than 100 miles from NYC, or even Dutchess County. And eating local would get pretty tough/boring come January. That’s why I consider myself an accidental locavore. But you know there’s plenty to eat that’s great and local especially in September; corn, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, squash, lots of good stuff! So, I’m signing up for the NY Locavore Challenge. You get to pick whether you’ll eat local for a day, week, or the whole month, in September. You also get to choose 5 ingredients that are not local to have in your pantry, salt, pepper and spices don’t count (phew). While I’m up for a challenge, a month might be pushing it, so I’m going to opt for a week. The bigger issue will be what my 5 ingredients will be:

  • Tea, definitely on the list
  • Olive oil
  • Probably lemons.
  • What will the other 2 be?

If I start now, I can work on my cheese making skills, but there are plenty of good local cheeses. I can make my own ice cream, so that’s not a big issue, but maybe having sugar on my list would be a good idea. And, hey, does this mean I can’t eat out for a week? Hmmm…
What would your 5 ingredients be?


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