What do You Know About Kohlrabi? Farmbasket Week 5

 What do you know about kohlrabi? Kinda weird looking, don’t you think? Along with romanesco, it will definitely go in the Accidental Locavore’s veggies from outer space file…

Doesn’t seem to have much of a fan club, starting with my farmer, Paul, who told me it was my problem, when I asked him what to do with it (don’t get upset with Paul, it was really hot and humid, and he was out picking summer squash), and continuing with Mark Bitman whose How to Cook Everything says “see turnips“. However in the land of Twitter and Google, all is well, and there are lots of us looking for kolhrabi inspiration. The two that look the best to me are this one for a curry made with it, and chard (which I still have from last week’s basket), and a suggestion from someone on Twitter, to grate it, mix with lemon juice, good olive oil, capers, olives, salt & pepper and serve as a salad. Going to give it a shot. Do you have any interesting recipes for kolhrabi?

The rest of this week’s basket:

  • first zucchini and summer squash of the season
  • even more peas
  • great green & wax beans, that already made themselves into another salad Nicoise with
  • the red leaf lettuce we got.

I’m thinking corn is just around the corner…


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