Local Wax Beans and Cauliflower: Farmbasket Week 4

This week’s basket had some new members, wax beans (one of my husband’s favorites, who knew?), cauliflower, broccoli, more rainbow chard, radishes, peas, mesclun.  

The Accidental Locavore has been on a big salad making spree, so yesterday for lunch I took some local chicken that I’d grilled and put it on top of a big salad for two. We had the mesclun, some of the snow peas, radishes, the wax beans which I steamed until just crisp-tender, and then shocked (ice and water) to stop the cooking, local bacon, herbs from the garden, a little Roquefort (definitely not local, but one of these days…and if I had some I could have used some Berkshire Blue, local and delicious) and a vinaigrette with lemon juice, mustard, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Delicious and just the thing for a 90 degree Sunday. 

We’ve got a lot of peas, who has a great ideafor them? Bill Telepan told me to just shuck them and freeze them, so I had a big pea shucking afternoon, and am stockpiling them for the winter.


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