Recipe: Grilled Lamb and Asparagus

Accidental Locavore Grilled LambThere are people like Rachel Ray and Guy Fieri that you might not watch very often, because a little of them goes a long way. Every now and then, though, they come up with something that makes the Accidental Locavore head over to The Food Network site to grab a recipe.

One of my new favorites for company is Guy’s grilled tandoori lamb. The recipe is a little lengthy but easy, so click here for it, and I’ll give you my comments.

  • First as you can see from the title, I only occasionally make it with green beans, so feel free to eliminate the last three ingredients (beans, ghee, and black sesame seeds). If you’re stuck on the beans, just toss them with butter, and call it a day.
  • What I just realized, was that the grilled limes were supposed to go on the beans…oops. I’ve only served them as a side to squeeze over the lamb, which is everyone’s favorite part! Goes to show what happens when you don’t read a recipe all the way through. My husband will confirm that it’s almost impossible to get me to read any directions (or ask for them).
  • Important, when you cook with yogurt, it needs to be the whole fat kind, or it will separate and do other weird things. This is not the time to be cruising for low fat!
  • Depending on time and mood, I will toast the spices, they always taste better, but since you’re marinating, it’s not a big deal to just use ground spices.I usually let in marinate overnight.
  • When you grill it, grease the grill, it will stick. Total cooking time is no more than 45 minutes, not 45 minutes a side.

The last time I made this, I tossed some asparagus in olive oil, salt, and pepper and grilled them as the lamb rested, and the limes and onions cooked. I also quartered and par-boiled small new potatoes, and gave them the same treatment as the asparagus. Everyone went home happy.

Besides fish, what else do you think the grilled limes would be good on?


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